Itchy Skin

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An original ukulele instrumental. I just got over a bad case of poison ivy. My skin itched like crazy for weeks.


Joshua Mbaga says:

ur guitar or ukulele is making me itchy ….

Milky says:

i’m itchy

libbyextra says:

Im itching due to a virus and your tune was a welcomed distreaction! You are an accomplished musician!

Numpad Nein says:

You’re definitly the best.

vzereeys says:

haha! love it! Thank you!

FranSpain says:

Incredible!!! you can compose too!!! fantastic!!!

ottergal says:

Been there, done that (with something other than poison ivy) now I have the soundtrack! great job :-}

Richard Walker says:

Wow – I thought the name was strange, but a lot of tunes have strange names. I only now figured out the reason for the name … and I read about the poison ivy the first time here. I am definitely getting slow in my old age. Nice tune too.

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