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Itchy forearms is a common, frustrating problem. We’re not sure what causes it, but there are two possibilities. Watch this 2 minute video and I’ll explain a…

Kathy Taft For me, not sun related. I itch in the winter, summer, spring and fall. I've had this for well over 10 years. I have scratched to the point of leaving scars on my arms. And it's not just the forearms, it's upper arms also. No where else, just the arms. It is beyond maddening. I've been told it's stress-related, take fish oil, use these creams, etc, etc, etc. Nothing, and I mean nothing, has worked for very long. I do have back pain also.

VintageSurfariWagons This describes me exactly! I have been experiencing this condition for the past 4 years and only in the summer, the itching subsides in the late fall. I work outside and when the weather heats up so do my arms. The only thing that helps is ice packs. Right now my arms are driving me nuts!

Aly Starkovich Could this also cause itching on the upper neck and chest area? For the last two months now my forearms and upper chest/neck area itch like crazy off and on

Matt Salter thanks this was very helpful, LOL i have tried everything and ICE is the only answer.

hrdkorsk8tr Freaking love your videos

Click Here Now I am often asked, ‘Is having an itchy tattoo is a sign of having a tattoo infection?’ itchy tattoo,tattoo itchy, m…

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HellGod67 Nice! It's really more helpful than talking about celebs >>

yugang08 very informative video. thumbs up.

TheSpacedrone870 +RantOverlord incorrect, YOU might not be old enough to shave but I am. I'll have you know that I'm a 16 year old guy that needs to shave. I wanted to learn how to get rid or prevent irritation so i watched this.

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