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If you are experiencing diaper rashes that resemble the following, see your doctor: (Information from – you can also find more information abo…

katemanning3 @ObbsAndLala Also, carter peed thru the prefold, liner and micro insert with one pee. The cover held everything in but what can I do for his super heavy wetting? I have the really thick prefolds, they aren't thin at all. He is just a really heavy wetter.

Sammy S My daughter only receives rashes with cloth :(

ObbsandLala It's likely the fabric or detergent then :) Easy troubleshoot!

Louise LouLou @xHollyMacx Hope you don't mind me chiming in here, i have a HE front loader and i've just started cloth diapering so i could be talking complete rubbish but the advice i've been getting is EXTRA RINSES. When i do my first rinse before a wash cycle i do it without the spin that way there's more water from what the inserts and diapers hold on to. You may need to do more than one rinse at the start. Unfortunately front loaders don't aggitate clothes like top loaders would.

DlLC1love My Daughter (13m) is getting over a yeast diaper rash at the moment! our doc told us to take a cotton ball and dip it in "apple cider vinegar" & dab it on her bum! and surprisingly/finally this monster rash that we have been dealing with for almost 2 1/2 months is clering up!! loooved this video! Dr. Ava Shamban (guest on The Doctors Show) gives tips and tricks to treat bug bites.

BlueHorse110 push out the puss. If it gets worst you should go have it checked out for serious infections. I am just a normal everyday person so I really don't have any medical experience just everyday experience. I hope that you feel better and this eases your stress. Best of Luck, BlueHorse110

Revolution8ful Air filters Rodent control supplies Decontamination Supplies (e.g. water, extra clothing, disinfectants another big cause of the bumps is dehydration of the skin Some particulates occur naturally, originating from volcanoes, dust storms, forest and grassland fires, living vegetation, and sea spray. Human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels in vehicles, power plants and various industrial processes also generate significant amounts of particulates.

John Normalman I got 2 bug bites on my stomach a day ago and I must of scratched them a lot while I was asleep because the bites have become VERY swollen and the right side of my stomach is 2x bigger than the left. Every time I sit down, (when your stomach folds and squeezes when you sit) it forces a punch of yellow liquid out of them, idk if it is puss or not but its super itchy! Please Help!

Revolution8ful Personal hygiene measures such as: frequent and adequate washing with soap and water, regular changes with laundered clothing, use of liberally disinfected toilets and field latrines (as opposed to cat-scratch methods), and hand-washing after latrine use should be mandatory and emphasized by commanders

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Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac are plants with an oil on the leaves that is extremely irritating to the skin. When you get the oil on your skin, you develop a ras…

venus star what if you have poison ivy but it does itch but not much

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Unexplained rash? Check your iPad. It turns out the popular tablet computer may contain nickel, one of the most common allergy-inducing metals.
Recent reports in medical journals detail nickel allergies from a variety of personal electronic devices, including laptops and cellphones. But it was an Apple iPad that caused an itchy body rash in an 11-year-old boy recently treated at a San Diego hospital, according to a report in Monday’s Pediatrics.

All information and products below** I am not a doctor! Consult your doctor if you have any concerns before using this mask! When my skin screams SOS, this…

Matana Lacey The cocoa powder and honey are just as good on their own and more natural and safe, I think. I don't use aspirin all the time, just make sure you're not allergic to any of the ingredients!

Matana Lacey Awesome - I learned something new today! I have larger pores around my nose and dry cheeks, so I won't be wasting any of that egg! =) Thanks again, chat with you later!

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SuperIcecream15 Thank u

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How to remove Spots and redness in photoshop.

Strawberry1139 good tutorial but the only problem is i'm trying to get rid of my legs looking red, but i have a MAGENTA dress on, so it's changing the color of the dress as well. meh.

Deborah Williams Just found this! Very new to photoshop and editing photos....thank you so much, this really helps!

iMitchellHD nearly 500 views and no comments :( lol

DevilDman Good vid, I just did this for my brother, it really worked!

Chris Morose Good video, thanks ^.^

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