Red Bumps All Over Body

Banish Rosacea


Though make-up can hide the problem in the short term it’s a good idea to treat the cause instead of only covering the issue. Please check out my website, it…

typical mee I always feel better when I watch your videos

Carole Mak A green primer also works:)

Jasmine Perez So glad your acne has healed hon! Everytime I notice that someone has finally gotten rid of it, I get so excited for him/her because I know how it serously affects our self-esteem! Btw, looking blooming ;)

Tchokorate Kaora-san Thank you soooo much for this tutorial ! Sometimes I am so red that I feel like a real tomato xD

Emma Lewin Hi Sinead, what brand is your colour wheel? Thanks :) 

how i cured my rosacea with tea tree oil.

Minks4All I'm so happy you found such a great treatment!! I've never had it but its good to know this natural solution works!! Thank you for such an informative video doll, you're awesome!! Xoxoxo

mrnm2000 im so pleased and i hope it continually works forever.

geo Trina, could you give me the name of the chinese Doctor or the website on which you read about the treatment ? Many thanks

Danny Mann Did your rosacea get a lot worse before it got better? Mine got really bad but I was hoping that is just part of the healing process

Danny Mann Thanks Trina,you have inspired me to going with the tea tree treatment.we need more people like you to share what has helped them.instead of trying to make money off of bogus miracle cues.I tried tea tree before but my face got so bad,that I thought that the tea tree was damaging my face . But now I know it was just mite die off. Thanks so so much Trina.You have given me the help that I needed.

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